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Ermes "Hydrate & Dance" Bottle

Sale price€ 29.99

  • High Capacity: With a generous 750ml size, this bottle provides you ample hydration, letting you focus on your moves, not your thirst

  • Rubber Liquid Painting: Our unique rubber liquid painting provides an enhanced grip, ensuring the bottle stays in your hand, even when the routine heats up.

  • Eco-Friendly: Made with environmentally responsible materials because we care for the planet as much as you care for your art.

    Choose Your Style:

    Dual Logo Edition: For the purists and the brand enthusiasts, this bottle features the iconic Ermes logo on both sides. It's our classic look that shouts 'Dance' with a megaphone.

    Dance Rebel Edition:  One side sports the classic Ermes logo, while the other side boldly declares, "SHUT UP. DANCE" It's more than a bottle; it's a statement.

Ermes "Hydrate & Dance" Bottle
Ermes "Hydrate & Dance" Bottle Sale price€ 29.99