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Elite Dance - The Ultimate Dance Supplement

Ermes Dance brings an innovative supplement with the ideal mix of elements to help you dance like never before. “Elite Dance" is the first supplement made specifically for dance. With this nutrient combination, you will be ready to do your best on any stage or dance floor.

Ermes Elite Dance 

A supplement like no other; specially designed for dancing. The formula of "Elite Dance" was created to enhance your performance and stamina when dancing.

Take one of the thirty capsules included before dancing, it will increase your energy levels, regulate the natural functions of the metabolism, reduce fatigue, and also give you a boost of vitality that will let you dance all night.

What will you get with every Elite Dance capsule?

  • 50 milligrams of Choline:

Provides optimal communication between your brain and your muscles, the choline will give you greater performance and resistance when dancing. In addition, it helps with memory and learning, therefore, you will not have problems remembering your dance choreography.

  • Green tea extract:

This ingredient makes the difference in the dance supplement “Elite Dance” since it helps to speed up the memory, stimulate metabolism, and reduce stress. Your body and mind will be ready for the social dance.

  • 2.8 milligrams of Vitamin B6:

This small amount of vitamin B6 is required to maintain a good mood, have a faster metabolism, and effective energy production.

  • 100 micrograms of Chromium:

It's all you need for carbohydrates to turn into pure energy; to the max.

  • 100 milligrams of Caffeine:

Caffeine will help you stay sharp all the time; indispensable quality when dancing.